THE TURKEY SHOOT Conquest of the Marianas Release Date: March 1, 1953 ... (Episode #16) On December 10, 1941, Japan attacks the small American garrison on Guam with over 5,000 fully equipped Japanese soldiers. The few hundred marines had nothing bigger than a 30 caliber machine gun to protect against the huge Japanese naval force which came to seize the islands of the Marianas. The Americans had no choice but to surrender and the people of Guam were forced to learn Japanese. In June of 1944, the Americans appear in force on the horizon of the Marianas. They come with an invasion force of over 250,000naval and marine troops. The Americans overwhelm the Japanese as they first strike Saipan and later liberate Guam. The Japanese navy launches a carrier force from the Philippines to help deter the American invasion in the Marianas. The Americans were ready and meet the and destroy the Japanese naval force in one of the most lopsided victories yet. Admiral Nimitz moves his entire commanding force from Pearl Harbor to Guam after it is secured in American hands. Over 17,000 Japanese lose their lives alone on Guam. The Americans help rebuild Guam from the ruins of over 2 1/2 years of control and war. Guam is in turn turned into the largest supply depot in the Pacific Ocean. Most importantly, the newly developed B-29's can now fly one-way to bomb Tokyo and other Japanese targets on the Japanese homeland from the safe confines of Guam. Thanks to the Seabees, Guam is turned into the largest attack base in the Pacific theater. The United States can now smell victory against Japan as Guam is now known as the Pacific Super Market.